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On death in the spiritual capital of India: Varanasi

A trip to India isn’t complete without visiting its spiritual capital, Varanasi. It is the oldest living city in the world and is crafted around the Ganges – where 5 rivers meet and considered to be one of the holiest places in the world. It goes by a number of names, the other it is most recognised as is Benares.…

On beginners' Vipassana Meditation in the Himalayas - Bhante Rahula

On beginners’ vipassana meditation in the Himalayas

I have never meditated before, but for some reason – I don’t even remember how or why – I thought doing a meditation retreat was what I should do when in India. I had planned to visit a beautiful area called Ladakh in the north west in the Indian Himalayas and thought there’s probably not a better place to start…


On sunshine and longer days

Let us all raise a glass to the hiatus of the rain. Finally! The sun is out! Not only has the month long insistent grey drizzle started to wane, but the day is longer. The sun now wakes up before us and stays out after work to bid us adieu, unlocking zeal and energy. Natural light pouring through windows; angel…