On 20 lessons learnt from my first time at Glastonbury // photo diary

Without even really thinking about it, I got a ticket to Glastonbury through the ballot at work, and that was that. I joined my friend and her group of uni friends who were Glastonbury regulars on what can only be described as a weekend of joy and sensory overload.  Here are the top 20 things I learnt:

1. Glastonbury is absolutely massive. So massive, that in 72 hours of watching music on different stages and dancing the evenings away, we’d covered 66km of walking. Make sure you’ve worn in your wellies

2. Where you camp matters. In terms of noise, traffic (and therefore cleanliness of the loos), propensity to flood, distance to walk, proximity to food etc etc. Do your research and set up your tent early to get a good spot

3. Sleep when you’re dead (the bus home) – the good music doesn’t stop

4. You’re going to face a very real trade off: cold beer (pricey), or BYO (warm)

5. You are close to your tent neighbours, so make friends, clean up after yourself, share your camping chairs and bring ear plugs

6. When people joke about not showering, that isn’t a joke…but the towel was good for drying off?

7. You will kind of grow accustomed to using a long drop. You will not grow accustomed to the worsening smell

8. Go to everything you plan to, because odds are it’ll smash your expectations 

9. If you need to, slip away from the group in pairs, but have a meeting point 

10. Also go to things you didn’t plan on seeing – you can only have your expectations met or exceeded

11. It’s a left festival and has green ambitions, but it can definitely be hypocritical too (litter, waste, prices, etc.)

12. The food is incredible. All of it

13. Everyone is lovely, and everyone is your friend

14. …but humans can be disgusting

15. So pack hand sanitiser, tissues and loo roll

16. If you’re like me and don’t love crowds, you can still get a great view from the outer edges of the main stages

17. Bring a refillable water bottle and stay hydrated

18. Bring a backup phone charger pack, because that bad boy is going to be out of battery before your bus arrives in Somerset

19. There is something for everyone there. A place that big has to. So if you haven’t been, put it on your bucket list for next year

20. Stay up for the sunrise and get a beautiful view of the Worth Farm expanse because it’s magical



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