On dance, costume and Valletta Carnival

My radio silence can be explained: I’ve been away (again…!). This time in Malta with 13 other NEFers. By concidence (or luck?) we booked on a weekend where there was a carnival through the streets of Valletta.

If there’s one thing Maltese people know how to do, it’s having a good time. With regular street parties in different areas of Malta, we were lucky to styble across the capital city’s party. Music, colour, costumes, dance. While I’m sure it’s no Brasil, the tiny island gave it a good stab at fluoro floats adorned with all sorts of miscellany. From strips of carpet to bongos, it was the hallmark of resourcefulness and a good time.

Arguably the best part of the event was the costumes. There were feathers and sparkles, stilts and hoop skirts. There was an assumed air of peacocking, where attention and photos were welcomed by all. Ordinarily behaviour reserved for the proud, everyone was showing off their attire, including small toddlers donning traditional outfits right through to a pack of mini punks.

The next best thing had to be the dancing  in the street. Apart from our own resource shortage, there was absolutely nothing stopping us from joining the procession with our own float (though throwing out some dance beats was a prerequisite it seemed), but en masse we had a great time dancing around the streets of Valletta. Unadulterated joy.

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