On May microadventures

May. The weather feels warmer, the air smells fresher, everyone seems to smile more and the beer tastes colder. I’m not actually sure any of that last sentence you just read is true at all, but it feels true, so it kind of is.

May is an absolute cracker of a month. You get to shed your winter coats and it’s bloody well light when you get home!

May also delivers the best gift of the calendar year: TWO long weekends. So naturally, May is ripe for adventure. A cheery month with time on your side to play.

For me, May is a mega month of weekend microadventures. Last weekend I headed to Suffolk for R&R, and right now I’m celebrating my lovely friend’s birthday who lives here in España!

But then there’s next long weekend too…which I know sounds ridiculous but when one of your bestest gal pals from Australia says she’s coming to Europe for a week only, and it falls on the long weekend? That’s fate working in wonderful ways.

May. That glorious, amazing month of long weekends and smiles. So if you haven’t yet, make a microadventure happen next long weekend. Even if you can’t book anything, pack a tent, get in a car or hop on a train, and have a bloody good weekend with your favourite people.

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