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SPECIAL FEATURE // On Bhutan, land of the thunder dragon

I can say this with certainty: Bhutan is the most fascinating place I’ve ever encountered. I first heard about Bhutan in my Year 11 Economics class. It was mentioned fleetingly in documentary we were watching in class, but had always stuck in my mind. Bhutan is the world leader in measuring their economy’s success through Gross National Happiness. It makes…

On beginners' Vipassana Meditation in the Himalayas - Bhante Rahula

On beginners’ vipassana meditation in the Himalayas

I have never meditated before, but for some reason – I don’t even remember how or why – I thought doing a meditation retreat was what I should do when in India. I had planned to visit a beautiful area called Ladakh in the north west in the Indian Himalayas and thought there’s probably not a better place to start…

On the Dalai Lama, exile and Free Tibet

On the Dalai Lama, exile in India and Free Tibet

The dream trip began with my first stop in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. When I say Dharamshala, I actually mean the villages of Upper Dharamshala, that being McLeod Ganj, Dharmkot and Bhagsu. What took me there was a fantastic 5 day yoga course that I’ll write about in my next post. The subject of this post is actually something that occurred…