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On Bruges: the perfect place

On Bruges: the perfect place // photo diary

Have you seen Shrek? Do you remember when Shrek and Donkey first visit Duloc, and there’s a welcome song that goes ‘Duloc is a perfect place’? Here’s a reminder: Well, Bruges is Duloc: a perfect place. I spent last bank holiday weekend there with my Aussie gal pal, and it was just so picturesque it hurts. All it took was hopping…

On the world of possibility

On the world of possibility

For the last couple of weeks I have been hella busy planning to make my dreams come true. I am talking travel planning. Quite literally, the world of possibility. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting up google maps, looking at how the big world is, and saying “where next?” Travelling is one thing in the world I wouldn’t…