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On May microadventures

May. The weather feels warmer, the air smells fresher, everyone seems to smile more and the beer tastes colder. I’m not actually sure any of that last sentence you just read is true at all, but it feels true, so it kind of is. May is an absolute cracker of a month. You get to shed your winter coats and it’s…

On the world of possibility

On the world of possibility

For the last couple of weeks I have been hella busy planning to make my dreams come true. I am talking travel planning. Quite literally, the world of possibility. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting up google maps, looking at how the big world is, and saying “where next?” Travelling is one thing in the world I wouldn’t…

Valletta Malta Carnival

On dance, costume and Valletta Carnival

My radio silence can be explained: I’ve been away (again…!). This time in Malta with 13 other NEFers. By concidence (or luck?) we booked on a weekend where there was a carnival through the streets of Valletta. If there’s one thing Maltese people know how to do, it’s having a good time. With regular street parties in different areas of…