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On Borneo

On Borneo // a photo diary from the archives

Borneo is a beautiful place. The plants are greener, the heat is thicker, the raindrops are heavier, the smiles are heartier, the bugs are absolutely enormous, and it’s home to some of the best nature in the world. Borneo is truly larger than life. My sister and I took a trip there in 2011 – visiting Kuching, Semenggoh Orangutan Reserve, Bako…


On Nepali misadventures: rain, rhinos and rowing // photo diary

Our time in Nepal was one of Plan Bs. Remember when I said that monsoon season that is ‘just a bit of water‘? Well I shot myself in the foot a little bit there. We were in Nepal for plus or minus 10 days. Five of those rained non-stop. I’m not exaggerating in the tiniest bit. Non-stop. And preceding our…

On a spectacular flight into the Himalayas: photos

On a spectacular flight into the Himalayas: photos

I used every fibre of my being to get a window seat on the commercial flight from New Delhi to Leh, Ladakh, situated in the north west of India in the Himalayas. It was even better than I could’ve hoped for. The range first cropped up as snow covered peaks above the clouds, which cleared to give a breathtaking panroama…